Living Tables, Human Tables, Live tables, Serving tables, Strolling Tables, or Walking tables are a as if by magic surreal nevertheless useful way to beautify the presentation of desserts, place cards, or party favors, drinks, finger foods, cigarettes etc. Human Tables in Delhi are very popular to decorate your private events, weddings, corporate shows etc.

Our Strolling Tables create a good initial impression. There\’s no better way to produce a gala mood than to possess our gliding goddesses supply guests their initial cocktail or starter.


Human Table in Delhi

The Living Tables or Human tables as popularly known are a jaw-dropping late night surprise: The double doors swing open as our glamorous human tables glide into the space presenting elegant desserts!

Living tables / statues or Human tables create a novel meet and greet centre piece at any corporate or personal event, choose between our variety of fabulous characters or allow us to know of any theme, specific idea or color scheme you\’d prefer to see at your function!

Human Tables in Delhi Human Tables in Delhi
The tables can entertain within the character of your selection, produce an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests on arrival with their initial cocktail or starter of the evening.

Other concepts to serve: wine, dessert, favors, party bags, name tags, promotional materials or no matter else you wish


Human Tables in Delhi Human Tables in Delhi

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